World of Sports

This 5 sided interactive is fun for all ages. Your choice or thry them all: Basketball - Shoot Hoops, Football - Throw some passes, T-ball - Hit the floating ball, Soccer - Can you score?, Velcro Darts / Frisbee - How is your aim? This unit measures 36.8 feet long x 28 feet wide x 21 feet high

Spin Art

A classic childhood favorite.  Let the kids make designs with the 6 different color paints.

Roller Racers

A unique "sit-skate" that zips along any hard, smooth surface by swinging the handlebars from side to side creating forward motion. It will bring an unforgettable very safe ride at only 2 inches off the ground with no fear of falling off and getting hurt like on a bike or skateboard.  No sharp edges, spokes, or chains. Can be used indoors or outdoors by ages 3 to adult.


This is the way children begin playing one of America's favorite past time games, Baseball. It all starts with 'T' Ball. Only this 'T' is not like the 'T' ball we know, the catch is that with inflaTBALL, the ball doesn't just sit on the 'T', it hovers or floats up and down making it a little more fun and challenging to hit the ball into the cut outs in the backdrop. The size of this unit is 8 feet tall, 16 feet long, and 12 feet wide.

The Mini Hi Striker

Who can resist picking up the maul and banging on a Hi Striker, trying to ring the bell? 

Great for any event. Looks just like the adult size Hi Striker. Now that the children have a better chance to ring the bell, they will play it time after time. Great for kids ages 5 and up You can't go wrong with this incredible carnival game. Easy to use and fun to play.

Cotton Candy
Kids are fascinated by how it's made and adults love to pull a piece off the stick when the kids aren't looking.
Pucker Powder Candy
Create candy art and make your own candy tubes. Comes in 6 different delicious flavors.
Fresh Popcorn
Everybody loves fresh popped popcorn! That delicious smell will bring them running for more.
Sno Cone Machine
What a great way to cool off a summer party. All the yummy flavors kids and adults enjoy.

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