Large Dual Waterslide

This true dual waterslide allows 2 people to slide at the same time. The slide uses a soaker hose to wet the slide only using minimal amounts of water.  This slide has no pool, which prevents party guests from sliding into a dirty pool.  Even the younger children aren't intimidated sliding down.   The climb up to the top of the slide is like a rockwall for added fun.  The bottom of the slide is designed like a slip n slide, meaning it has a longer slide landing area to accommodate the fast slick wet sliding surface.  Safety:  The sliders are divided so they won't crash into each other on the way down.  The slide has a cover over the high points to prevent the sliders from jumping down or falling off the top of the slide.  The covers also acts as a shade.  Since the slide bottom is longer there is no worry about sliding into the end wall too hard.  The end wall will stop you from sliding off onto the ground.  Size:  22 feet high, 15 feet wide, 65 feet long


Up and Over Slide

This slide has a pool. Great for those children who may be afraid of the bigger waterslides. The steps up are easy for the children to climb.  The slide is also wide enough for two children to slide side by side. Water is sprayed from the top arch to keep the slide wet. This slide is 30 feet long, 8 feet high, and 14 feet wide.


A blast from the past, no need to look for that smooth place to lay out that old tarp on the grass.  Run and dive onto this slip n slide, a special safety netting at the end keeps the kids inside, and has a side exit.  Great fun on those hot summer days.  Size: 28 feet long, 9 feet wide, 7 feet high.

Cotton Candy
Kids are fascinated by how it's made and adults love to pull a piece off the stick when the kids aren't looking.
Pucker Powder Candy
Create candy art and make your own candy tubes. Comes in 6 different delicious flavors.
Fresh Popcorn
Everybody loves fresh popped popcorn! That delicious smell will bring them running for more.
Sno Cone Machine
What a great way to cool off a summer party. All the yummy flavors kids and adults enjoy.

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